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causing some damage. captioned by the national captioning institute this is breaking news. >> we are following to stories tonight. the traffic nightmare in montgomery county. just minutes ago the highway
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reopened. we will have the latest on that situation. the other big story severe storms sweeping across the region. here is some video from the gaithersburg. we have crews in maryland and virginia to cover the story. >> blistering temperatures may lead to record heat tomorrow. >> it has been and evening and a night of some wild weather. let me take you back and show you that ferocious line. that is the one that came through chicago. there is another one forming out to our west. let's keep an eye on that. look at a lightning in just the last hour. everything is moving over to the eastern shore.
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that line is falling apart. meanwhile, there is the other batch that will be staying to our south. we could be looking at some more afternoon thunderstorms. here are the damage reports all away from western maryland and into the nearby suburbs. a number of reports of trees down. some very localized heavy rain. i will show you more of that when i join you. tomorrow is going to be a really hot one. fire officials in montgomery county confirm a lightning strike caused this house fire. this was around the time -- at last check there were no reported injuries. we are tracking storm damage in northern virginia. we have been monitoring reports from prince william county.
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we are live in manassas would be breaking details. >> the death crews have been out here and have been working to clear -- vdot cruise have been out here and have been working to clear the roads. the have some video that we can show you from earlier. a series of trees have come down because of the severe weather. we have seen widespread power outages in northern virginia. montgomery county, some 5200 customers are without power. prince george's county has nearly 1000 people without power it is going to be very hot tomorrow. crews are working around-the- clock to get the power back on before the mercury start rising great here in northwest washington, it was a dramatic sight. you have very heavy rain and a
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lot of lightning. it sent people moving out of the way of looking for umbrellas and cover as this powerful storm tore through our area. authorities will very soon to reopen this road. they were going down further 29 to clear some branches. they could have a very long night. a lot of people are without power in our area. we are live in manassas. >> we turn to the heat wave that has hit our region and half the country. we dealt with temperatures in the 90's. parts of the country saw temperatures soar into the triple digits. in our region, the department of public works says that crews will begin collecting trash at 6:00, one hour earlier than normal.
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>> are whether a team is tracking the forecast for u.s. and the time -- our weather team is tracking the forecast for you any time. click on we have breaking details on the other big story of the day. a big gas leak leads to an enormous back up in montgomery county's busiest highway. about a half an hour ago we understand that road has been reopened. traffic troubles have crippled the county tonight. >> washington gas is locating the valve to isolate this. as the smell of gas filled the air, folks wanted answers. >> the units describe sound similar to that of a freight train. it was a very large gas line
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that had been ruptured underground. >> a construction crew hit an eight-inch natural gas line. the pipe is 28 feet underground. it blew the windshield out of this activator. >> it smells like rotten eggs. my eyes are pitching. >> the fire department had to close down 270 because a spark from anywhere could cause an explosion. >> everybody has their families in this area in the summertime. >> align was hit by a utility crew working to fix a different -- the line was hit by a utility group working to fix a different gas line. >> the contractor on the scene had their safety officer, the supervisors, the areas surveyed. they knew were there what -- they knew where they were going. this was an unidentified line that was missed by someone.
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>> residents want that someone to be held accountable. >> we are dealing with elements like that that are extremely dangerous -- dangerous to us. you have to be careful. >> washington gas has brought the pressure of the week down it. -- leak down. think fully no one has been injured and nobody's service has been interrupted. >> we were out over clarksburg. that is the scene of a second gas leak. a construction crews struck the line there. this one is not related to the first one. >> tonight's gas leak caused much more than the normal commuter nightmare. the situation was a headache for drivers in montgomery county,
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who were stuck in their cars for hours. a six-mile stretch of 270 was shut down since the middle of the evening rush hour. we continue our coverage of the commuter chaos. >> it has been and on real night on the road for motorists. -- unreal night on the road for motorists. then i turned into a mess. >> it could be a long night. >> it lead to shut down on all of 270. that during the height of rush hour. it trapped hundreds and hundreds of people in their cars for most of the night. >> there is no way to get out. >> we are 20 miles away from the sea and the backup has come all the way up to hear it even though they are opening 270 now.
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it is going to be a long ride home. they have been trying to make their way from a frederick to springfield, virginia. they do not know when they will get there. once they got on the highway there was no way off. this woman tried to extract yourself from the mass of the best way she could but it did not help. >> you are stuck in both directions. >> i am. >> there is no way to divert us off the highway. >> that is the big question. >> about 30 minutes ago, police opened 270 but so many cars were on the road, they are moving now but this nightmare is still not over. we are monitoring a developing story from maryland. state police have issued an amber alert court and eight-
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year-old child who may have been abducted. he was last seen in baltimore are around 6:30. police believe he was adopted by two men. -- abducted by two men. the suspects are the driving a ford taurus with maryland tags. anyone with information is asked to call police. police in prince george's county are asking you for gore helped. -- asking you for your help. the victim was shot over the weekend at the budget and in temple hills. two suspects may have exchanged gunfire when the victim was shot. family, students, and peers are mourning the loss of a well- known high school football coach. steve trimble from bishop o'connell died of a heart attack.
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his death comes weeks after a former teacher act bishop o'connell disappeared. he vanished last month after he was told his contract would be -- would not be renewed. his whereabouts remained a mystery. coming up, a change at the gas pump. 7 is on your side with a story that you are not going to like so much. >> tyne ward is accused of drunk driving. what happened before he was pulled over. >> countdown to a dead showdown, the impact it have honey, why aren't
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you are watching abc 7 news at 11:00 with leon harris and alison starling. this is abc 7 news at 11, on your side. now is the time to deal with these issues. if not now, when? >> president obama and the congress remained on the clock
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for the debt limit showdown. the u.s. government runs out of money in three weeks. >> president obama says he wants a long-term deal, but democrats and republicans appear to be further from ever on a deal. it is having an impact on art -- art community. this family hired two new employees this year. the help-wanted sign brought down as they wait to see if the unthinkable happened and the united states reaches official deadbeat status. >> do we want to hire employees, we want to grow our business. it is just difficult. >> the dow dropped 150 points today on the uncertainty alone. this month, the average american will be hit hard for a second time in a decade.
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where is the initial damage? your 401k and your stock portfolio. >> you will notice that when you log onto your 40lk. >> the lack of available credit will cause companies to rapidly slash their payrolls. >> if no agreement is in sight the market plunge would began. president obama and congressional leaders will sit down again tomorrow to try to reach an agreement on solving this debt crisis. we're learning about another type of congress -- crisis. this is a d y -- a dui arrest of tyne ward. he was the arrested on friday. the report stated that he told
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officers that he had two drinks. the former super bowl mvp could spend up to a year in jail. as gas prices are on the rise again direct gas prices dropped up 6 cents in the past week. this change comes after a steady two-month drop. nationwide drivers are paying $3.63 to fill up. in maryland, in virginia, it is 10 cents cheaper. >> do not spend the money on gas tomorrow, suspended on air conditioning. -- spend it on air-conditioning. 105 was our heat index. if you looked outside, this was gaithersburg tonight. the electric light show you can
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see it lightning 50 or 60 miles away. our temperatures outside dow is down to only 80 degrees -- outside is down only 280 degrees. -- to 80 degrees. that lightning storm was creating one lightning strike per second. when we get power like that, it is hard to contain. looked at alexandria only .001. some spots had some really strong when spread -- winds. look at the heat. yesterday, wichita have the hottest day in 30 years at 111. today, above all hundred in the
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oklahoma city. they miss the record by seven degrees. we got up to 95 degrees. this is the one that came to the chicago ended the damage. we had our own cluster right here. we had a fairly strong upper level and a lot of the manatee at the surface. that was the fuel for those afternoon thunderstorms. tomorrow, we may see some late afternoon but finally as we get late into tomorrow, a bit of a drier air coming in. especially by thursday and friday you will really notice the difference. tomorrow morning when you get up, it will be sticky. because of the rain, are temperatures about 95 degrees. the record tomorrow is 99 degrees. the air quality will be on
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healthy -- unhealthy. there is the nice words -- profession comfortable. much lower humidity and temperatures and 80's. it will feel like temperatures in the 80's. that is better than 105 any day. >> looking forward to th
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checking our top stories on severe storms moved to our region, the major gas leak that closed down 270 tonight. they are all at a marine stationed in afghanistan is going on a date with the girl of his dreams. literally.
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she accepted over the weekend. the two will be going on a blind date to the ball in november. >> that is such a great story. >> who was your pick? >> i did not have a pick. >> just because it's an all-star break, it does not mean there is not baseball.
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♪ ♪ stay inside?
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nah. not aven you have a five-star overall vehicle score for safety. one more reason chevy traverse delivers more. the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. >> when the country first galvanized around women's soccer there was a symbolic way to cap off the excitement. that was absent this time around. but it was not needed. with just 90 seconds left in what would -- perfect chip.
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her second goal of the world cup. a shoot out right there. the local girl gets the win. now they face france on wednesday. >> we are writing our own story. we will not go home without a fight. >> we are going to take all that included in our back pocket and move forward as a team. get ready for france. >> a great group of girls. a collection of baseball's best hitters put on a show tonight for the annual home-run derby. if you pick 10, that was a safe bet. -- picked him that was a safe bet. the yankees hit 12 home runs in the final round. the u.s. women's open finished
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up to date. -- today. makes the birdie putt for the wind. -- for the win. she knows how to party. we can talk about veteran experience. they brought back gave former favorite. he will be the associates goaltending coach. he showed at a tricky development camp today. -- pat the rookie development camp today. the trophy winner is happy to be back on the ice. this time as a coach. >> i look forward to getting to work with the kids in trying to have an impact with them. it is great coming back. the positive response and i have gotten.
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i am glad to be back with the organization. >> the nfl owners and players could in the locked out -- end the lockout. >> are you holding your breath? >> the girls of the charge these days. we have soccer and golf.
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we have to brace ourselves for a least one more day. >> here is how it looks outside. temperatures tomorrow, it will be into the 90's, close to a record. good to -- go to
11:32 pm to see our latest forecast.
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